Friday, 10 February 2017

Mozilla Clubs Web Literacy Leaders training

Do you believe you have control over information that you share on the web?

Feedback from Attendees

This was a hard topic to discuss as most of the attendees were skeptical about this i.e most were somewhere in between because they were not sure of how secured the applications they have been using like WhatSapp, Messenger etc and browsers are. Meanwhile there was this one person who stood out to say she can have control over what information she shares on the web i.e she makes sure she reads the terms and conditions of any application or software before installing or using it. This got people thinking and it was a topic to be discussed on and eventually everyone came to a conclusion that one can have control of the information shared on the web by reading the terms and conditions of every software to be installed as most people don't and also to be careful when sharing informations on-line and also to be aware of how cookies and trackers can be used to monitor ones daily activities on the web.

My Feedback 

In general it was an interesting discussion as it got everyone participating and debating on the topic. Well I will say we should know more about on-line privacy and security and how essential it is as most people are not aware of all this therefore disadvantaged and are not aware of the dangers of the web. Almost everyone is using the web now and in the next million years to come, so one should be aware of how to use the web in an inclusive and engaging way. How we should treat kids' information differently than adults, how cookies and third parties trackers monitors one as he/she goes about his/her everyday task on the web, Why one should read the terms and conditions of softwares(containing what the application is all about and can do) or softwares before installing them and also why you should not share confidential informations over the web, and how companies and organizations track and collect your data on-line. Therefore learning how to safeguard your privacy on-line and developing an awareness to all of these listed about is something we should all take note of.

Join me today and take the opportunity to be part of the molding and shaping up of how one should have control over what information they share on the web.

Mozilla Clubs

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