Monday, 7 November 2016

My Mozillian Life

We started as a small group called HackathonGirls and whiles I was searching for on-line IT activities to teach girls, I found Mozilla teaching activities on the web where I came across this website called Tech Girls. From the site I came across leadership opportunities which was how I applied to be a club captain. The whole process seemed to be what I was actually looking for at the right time, though I only knew Mozilla to be Mozilla Firefox i.e just a browser, but then in all it was really inspiring and great reading all the wonderful things Mozilla offers and not just the browser. After being accepted as a club captain for the first Mozilla club in the Gambia, It was something very exciting to have preceded that and then I began all the hard-work of leadership, getting the right space, the right people and learners etc. But with hard-work and perseverance it all went well and today we have over 15 learners for the Mozilla Club of HackathonGirls, where we teach learners how to read, write and participate on the web. Basically we hope to have more Mozilla Clubs in the Gambia in order to get people across the Gambia to be web literate. Also I have met a lot of Awesome Mozillian People in the last three months and it feels as if I have been there for a longer time, sad thing was that even though I was provided a travel stipend and invitation to Mozilla Festival in London, I couldn't make it and so i missed out on all the fun, but then I believe everything happens for a reason and this makes me to grow stronger and work harder in everything I do.

25 under 25 Awardee - Internet Society

On the 14 th of July, 2017, I was selected as a 25 under 25 awardee by the Internet Society to celebrate 25 young people who are under 25 ...